Thank you, Failure.

Dear Failure,


It is hard to accept sometimes when you give it your all and all that you have to show for it is an L in the win/loss column next to your teams name. And just like that, another season ends. That’s a very tough pill to swallow. 


UND 2 – OSU 1 (1st OT).


Game winning (OT) goal


I post this picture because people always post the most glorious photosthe big saves, big goals, big blocks. Rarely, do individuals ever post pictures of themselves failing. This is me, failing to stop the overtime game winning goal! Maybe if I made that one savemaybe we win. I own this one. Strangely and understandably, people are fearful of failing but in my opinion, failure does not mean the effort wasn’t there, it simply means you fell short of your goal and have to readjust, learn. It’s a teaching point. I truly believe that people don’t reach their full potential until they fail, learn, try again and at times you will fail again and start the cycle all over again. They say it builds strength and character but at times, it would be nice if the road to success was a little smoother. When I look back at this picture I get a lump in my throat. Our season is over. I’m no longer a redshirt sophomore. Our freshmen are no longer freshmen. And our two seniors, Breanne Grant and Katie Matheny will never wear the Buckeyes jersey in intercollegiate competition again. Watching thtears, the hugs, talking about what could have been is not easy. A big part of me wishes I could have done more to prolong their careers. We battled with them and for them, more so when you understand the challenging careers these two have had. It would have been special to give them more. They deserved it. I am so thankful they chose to stick around when things got tough, that’s what warriors do. I will miss them.

It was a hard-fought battle! Even though we ended up on the short end of things, I will give our opponents, the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks, credit for the win. It was an entertaining series. They played hard as we did and it took three hard-fought games and over time to come up with a winner. The future looks bright but the present is still painful.

So failure, thank you. Thank you for the tears, the pain, the upset and the everlasting (not so good) memories. You will make me stronger and more willing to sacrifice everything to continue to get better. I’m excited to see where you push me next. 




 “You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past.You don’t try and forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.” – Johnny Cash

 There will be plenty of pictures, like the ones above and moments like this in my future. You let them sting, but you don’t let them define you. You own the moment and you enjoy it for what it is, and then let go and start all over again.  

 Thank you failure, I’m sure we will meet again.



One thought on “Thank you, Failure.

  1. Kassidy,

    Let me tell you about failure. By all means I should have never made it out of OSU. I flunked three courses, took a D from my advisor, and struggled with other courses.

    Then I failed on some career choices. And of course, feeling enormously bitter about having to go to Viet Nam, I tried to solve my bitterness through the bottle. Not a good idea at all. But, I made it. But, I got through these situations with some good friends and self determination.

    Our football coach during my time at OSU, Woody Hayes, once said — “There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you”.

    Needless to say, I have had the hell kicked out of me but now, I look back (been retired now for 7 years) and say to myself, all things considered, you done okay boy. Had a fairly good career, saw the world, married a wonderful woman, and have two great kids.

    YOU DID NOT FAIL; nor did your mates. The ND player slid one by you and your defensemen. It happened; you can’t reverse the play. I do, however, tip my hat to you for the photo you posted. Takes a lot of courage to say that’s me, face down, missed the shot.

    More important, you had a great season. I watched you from my home here in Vermont. You came back from a serious injury; you rehabbed yourself, and you went on the set a record for most saves. That’s quite an accomplishment.

    Your team came through given the adversity before the start of the season. Like all the other people of the Buckeye Nation, you and your mates made us proud — you put the OSU women on the hockey map once again.

    Now before signing off, promise me two things — first, keep your head up and second, let me meet you when I travel to CBus to see your team in action next year. I plan to be there for the Penn State series.

    Alan Day
    OSU, BA History, 1968
    Fairfax, Vermont


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