Full Speed Ahead into Summer Sixteen

Today I skated in full equipment for the first time since November 28th, 2015. I was overwhelmed with feelings of nervousness and elation. The past two months of hockey for me have been progressions of wearing half gear and adding an extra movement each time. Today, in full gear I was able to have my goalie coach Sandy Sampson shoot at my glove, blocker and stomach. It was an unsurpassed feeling to share that moment with him. Along with my family, he is part of the reason why I am where I am today (in the women’s hockey world).

Although the last year was glum without having the ability to play hockey, I am finally on the comeback. I haven’t had any setbacks for months and everything has been extremely smooth sailing. I am on the arduous battle of training, strengthening, rehabbing, skating and working on my flexibility so I can be ready for the 2016-2017 season and whatever it holds.

My mom, dad and I are headed to North Bay to see my grandma, aunts and cousins. My grandma, we call her Memere. She has to be one of the sweetest, confident, strong, and beautiful people I know (I could go on and on about her). My Memere calls me her little “Sweetie”, if that’s the case, I got the qualities that make me her sweetie from her!

Ever since I was little we have gone up North in the Summer to visit her and the rest of my family there. Those trips have been some of the best. The “egg on toasts” for breakfast, the pink mints in Memere’s basement that my brother and I would eat like crazy, the bubble gum and candy my Aunt Lise gave my brother and I as treats, the fun sleepovers and the “My 600lbs Life” show marathons with my Matante (Aunt) Nancy (who is my clone), these are the memories I will always hold in my heart…

Here’s to more memories this weekend with my beautiful family up North.  



One thought on “Full Speed Ahead into Summer Sixteen

  1. Congrats Kassidy — glad to read your update. North Bay — fond memories of North Bay. My dad loved to fish so we would vacation in various spots in Canada. North Bay is an especially fond memory as I was able to catch two northern pike in the Little Sturgeon River. I still have the lure that I used to catch these two good sized pike. Have a great summer; hope to see you in action next season — I may pay a visit to Penn State to see the Buckeyes play PSU. Alan

    Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 02:58:58 +0000 To: jaday05@myfairpoint.net

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