adjective  bound·less   \ˈbau̇n(d)-ləs\

 “not limited in anyway; having no boundaries”

I like to see myself as someone who breaks through barriers that are put in my way as challenges. I think that these things are put between myself and my goal to make me stronger and better. As they say “nothing worth having comes easy” and I’ve learned over the past year especially, that nothing stops you from getting better each day except for your own will. I want to improve everyday.

As our teams season came to an end on February 27th against the Minnesota Golden Gophers (who won the National Championship this past weekend), mine was just beginning. This time of the year is crucial for me to make gains in order to be prepared for competition next year. Just after the season ended I was cleared to start running and increase my cycling intensity. This was the first barrier I had to break through in order to make my comeback for the 2016-2017 season.

The next step in my recovery process is starting to skate in full equipment and being able to run longer distances. I am taking my recovery in strides, not doing more than I can, but continuing to push myself to grow each day.

I will be boundless by the end of this journey, I do believe that.







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