Half At It

On Monday, I was given permission by the team athletic trainer to skate in half of my gear; which included my all my lower body equipment.

No words can really describe the emotions that ran through my body when I took the first step onto the ice in over a year with more than just skates on my feet. This was the first time where I have ever cried on the ice, purely because the joy was so overpowering.


Chills ran through my body, from head to toe. I am finally on the right track, almost back to playing the game I love – pain free.

On Thursday afternoon I met with the surgeon and he said he was rather impressed with my progress and was glad to see that both of my hips were nearly equal in strength and mobility. One thing I have learned through the rehabbing process is that working on my flexibility will be what brings me back to the highest level possible. I was also cleared to start building up to running again, which is something I cannot wait to have back in my life.

On Sunday morning at 5am, we leave for Spring Break vacation – at this point I think it is well needed by the girls. We have had a long year that has thrown us curve balls left and right. I think we need to get away from Columbus for a little while and come back refreshed and tan of course. We will be going to Fort Lauderdale again this year and I’m excited to soak up the sun with 13 teammates. I am very fortunate to go to a school where I have teammates that are also some of my best friends.


See you soon Florida.




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