Run Forrest Run

For the first time in well over six months, I am cleared to start running today. Although I won’t be running too far or too fast, this is yet another sign that this hip surgery was worth it. I have become so much stronger around my hips then I ever have been. To lead up to my first attempt to run today, I have been doing underwater treadmill training and trampoline running! I’m excited to see what it feels like to run again! 

I meet back with my Surgeon, Dr. Ryan this coming Thursday, October 22nd to find out if I’m allowed to get back into full hockey equipment. This has been a really long process but has been worth every pain free minute! 

This weekend that just passed my team played at home, it was great to be with the girls all weekend (as injured players do not travel). Our staff has me using a program to time shift lengths which definitely helps to give me a role on the team! I’m excited to continue watching my team get stronger and better. 

As always, Go Bucks


the 2015-16 ohio state women’s hockey team



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