3 weeks in

I’ve been at school for just over three weeks now and it’s been a great time. We’ve trained a LOT, and it’s an amazing feeling to get back at it with only a few restrictions from my surgery. Although I’m not allowed to run, I can bike a ton and despite not being able to skate with my gear on, I did get back on the ice last week for the first time in over 6 months and it was the most rewarding feeling.

This week, I’ll be starting aquatic training on the underwater treadmill, to relearn how to run without putting stress on my hip. Then hopefully within a couple weeks ill be running/sprinting with my team again.

Our season starts on October 2nd, on the road at Lindenwood University, I know the girls are super excited to start playing in games again – it feels like it’s been forever. The following weekend, we play Wisconsin, in Wisconsin, marking our first WCHA game of the 2015-2016 season.

Couple Hockey Girls & Guys
Couple Hockey Girls & Guys

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One thought on “3 weeks in

  1. Underwater tread — is this at an OSU facility? Making plans to see the team in action against North Dakota in late Feb. Hope you will be suited up for that game. Will you be dressed when you come to Burlington in November?

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