The 15 Minute Ride

For the first time since my surgery (a little over a month ago) I rode the stationary bike for more than 5 minutes. To anyone else, it might seem absurd to get excited over 15 minutes on a stationary bike, but to me, it was a big step in my recovery process. It felt so nice to “exercise”. Through out this experience, I think the thing I’ve learned the most is how to do stuff within moderation. With this, I learned that if I skip one exercise in rehab, I feel it in the area I missed and if I do one too many exercises, I feel it in the area I overworked. I guess that’s the reason why there is a recovery plan in rehab and you are suppose to stick by it! For me, I’ve always been go, go, go… My surgery has taught me to appreciate progress and take the time to make sure I am doing everything right. 

In just over two weeks, I will see Dr. Ryan (my surgeon) for a post-op visit… I am really hoping when I see him, that he will give me the “okay” to start running lightly.  
“Accepting the challenges in life makes it interesting and overcoming them makes it eloquent” – unknown



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